The Gangsters of the 1920's

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The 1920's was a time of corruption. during this time there were many things going on. This time was known as the era of prohibition and gangsters. During the 1920's women had the right to vote, because they voted against alcohol. When prohibition started, gagnsters were beginning to be known. Gangsters were known because they bootlegged alcohol, meaning that they sold alcohol illegally.

The 18th amendment was passes by the congress on December 18, 1917. The 18th amendment was passed, the crime rate rose. Many people were getting killed because they were so angry that they didn't have beer. The store owners were getting killed because they wouldn't let bootleggers borrow their shop to sell bootleg beer. Bootleggers had hidden places. They would use the frozen rivers as an easy way to get booze from Canada into the United States. Liqour went from Detroit to Chicago, where bootleggers sold it under their "Long Cabin  label. After the liquor went to chicago ot would go to St. Louis, and points west. The illegal liquor was the secong biggest business in Detroit bringing in $215 million in 1929

One od the best known gagsters and bootleggers during the 1920's was named Alphonse Capone, whose nickname wa

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