Canadian Olympians

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The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. In this first revival of an ancient Greek festival, Canadian athletes did not win any medals. The first gold medal winning Canadian was George Orton, who won gold in the 2500m steeplechase at the 1900 Olympics held in Paris. As Canada grew as a country, the medal count grew as well. The medal tally grew from three gold and one silver in 1904, to three gold, four silver and six bronze at the 1908 Olympics. Canada continued to develop its athletes and the athletes continued to bring home the medals. In 1928 Canada asserted itself as a major Olympic power by winning four gold, four silver, and six bronze and ending up finishing sixth in the medal standings. Canada continued to do well at the Berlin games of 1936. Then it all fell apart.

Canada went 15 summer and winter games without winning more than six medals. Then there was a faint light when Canada hosted its first Olympics in Montreal in 1976. The Canadians did not win any gold but managed five silver and five bronze. Canada then went on to another eight years of relative mediocrity. Canada finally broke out of its drought in Los Angeles in 1984. Canadians won nine gold medals, seventeen silver medals and sixteen b

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