death penalty debate

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Capitol punishment is not justice, because no justice is served. In no way is anyone compensated for loss if the offender is simply killed. The grieved family does not receive anything, and is, in fact, made victim again to have to watch the execution and or participate in the court process. While the family of the victim receives nothing, except perhaps some gruesome satisfaction, the guilty party consumes millions of dollars in the course of his trial. The family of the guilty party is rarely even considered, through association, these people through association with the ˜criminal' many times are not listened to, or sympathized with. Simply killing a criminal lets them off easily, and gives nothing to the healing process. People who commit crimes that warrant such punishments should be made to work off their crime to society or humanity.

The death penalty is unjustly dealt out. Penalty is defined as such; "A punishment established by law or authority for a crime or offense (; Penalty). The fact that poor people, and mentally disabled are rarely ever vigorously, or even acceptably represented in court makes the applicati

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