fauna and flora

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ü Think of animals living in freedom, their natural habitat and

captivity. What are advantages and disadvantages of both? Are you for

or against animals' rights? Why?

My generation is an urban generation. Almost all of us live in the cities or towns, visiting our grandparents' villages only once or twice during the summer. That keeps us very far away from nature or wildlife and city parks are no way equal to that and could never serve for it. For this reason fauna and flora problems matter to us only as long as they are directly associated with what we eat or drink. However, there still are some people, usually nature scientists, who are madly involved in discussions about some essential animal problems. The most burning question at the moment is protecting some animal species from extinction. There are two basic ways how we can do it and both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Initially we should start by trying to keep the natural animals' habitat unharmed. It is important, because some species can only live and multiply in their natural environment. For example, wild predators like lions, their psychological health is endangered if they are put in to captivity, or lets just say very simpl

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