An Examination of Dry September

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An Examination of "Dry September 

First of all, it is very important to have in mind that this story, as most of the Faulkner's stories, happens in the fictional country of Yoknapatawpha with the typical characteristics of towns in the South of United States, and this characteristics are very present in Faulkner's stories because he lived greater part of his life in the town of Oxford, Mississippi and we can easily to notice that this environment served as a model to his fictional Jefferson.

In "Dry September  Faulkner discuss very polemics problems such as the position of woman in society, the racism and the violence around these questions showing to the reader the problems that affect the society with the way that it need to be treated, with dryness, because everybody knows what happens but prefer to believe that our society is fair and everybody can be perfect. Faulkner presents to the reader the tension of the relation between black and white people trough the atmosphere, the setting, and conversation among the characters.

In the beginning of this story the narrator introduces us in the middle of a big tension, with a dry atmosphere, and we can almost

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