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runaway teens

             For a teenager to run away they are either has to be something there running from or running to. There are many different reason why a teenager is running away or running to something. There are many different causes or reasons, there can be one definite reason or even a combination of reasons for this to occur. Teenagers that runaway can be put into two different categories to explain their reason or cause for fleeing the home. There is the chronic or extreme runaway and the short-term or spontaneous runaway. Though the causes of fleeing the family home are different, teenagers are still affected by their decision to run away. Their choice to run away does not only affect the teen at the time of the incident, but also can affect them and their family for years to come. There are causes and effects of runaway teenagers.
             A conflict or fight about a curfew or being able to go out with friends can be a cause for the short-term or spontaneous runaway to flee. A short-term or spontaneous runaway leaves suddenly but will only leave for about 24 hour to 3 days. This type of runaway is what people think of when they hear about teenagers running way. These teens can be seen as rebelious or having an authority problem which can be entirely true. Teenagers can associate with a peer social group that is a bad influence which will cause them to have a more rebelious nature. They will want to go out with these groups or peers and will not take no for an answer so they run away. I interviewed a girl named Jennifer who is now 21 years old but when she was a .
             teenager, about 15-17 years of age, she fell into the wrong social group and ended up in criminal activity. Her parent would try to stop her, but when they would ground her she would .
             just run away. She was a spontaneous runaway due to associating with a distructive peer group. Her parents tried to do everything but it was not their fault. Parents of short-term runaway are not always to blame for their teens leaving home.