the role of minor characters

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Many minor characters played very important roles that influenced the outcome of the play to occur. Mercutio, although he wasn't consistent in the play, played a very important role. To give us an insight of what is going on in Juliet's mind and what is going on in the play, the nurse is included. The most important minor character that has influenced the final tragedy of the play was Friar Lawrence. The roles that these characters play set the mood, influences the ending and reveals important information about themselves or other characters.

Mercutio played a very important role for a character that was only there for a short period time. He catches our attention by being very loud and creates a little humour with sarcasm. After the Capulet party when Romeo went missing Mercutio insults Romeo in a friendly way by making the remark, " The ape is dead and I must conjure him thee by Rosaline's bright eyes.  (2, 1, ll 16-17) He is also the type to tell things how they are and does not hold information back to spare feelings. When Romeo was feeling down Mercutio advised him and t

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