Positive and Negative effects

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When looking at the positive and negative aspects of the personal computer (PC), one has to come to the overall judgment that this technology has benefited humanity. Arguments can be made by people that it has lowered the quality of life by increasing the speed of business and society as a whole; however, no one can argue that with the technologies learned from the PC, that humanity has not greatly benefited in its inception. The positive contributions the personal computer has had on humanity are too numerous to list; however, its major contributions are much easier to identify. The personal computer was the first step in modern day technology. Almost "overnight  the PC took every household and turned it into a potential place of business. The PC opened up the business world to the "work at home  age. People could literally complete their work from some area in their home and rarely need to go to the office. With the PC, and relating technologies spinning off from the PC, individuals could send and receive documents and paperwork from their homes to any other place of business. With the invention of the PC, humanity has seen fax machines, laptops, palm pilots, and other data technologies come to life a

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