mirror with a memory

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The Mirror with a Memory

While it was unclear to me what subject of emphasis the writer was attempting to discuss,

his slow start sped up quite promptly. The reading discusses the personal

views/experiences of Jacob Riis in regards to his views of poverty and social connection

of the poor class community/individuals in the U.S during the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Riis, takes us the readers thru a first lyrical then visual journey in to the world of the less

fortunate immigrants. An immigrant himself, he tries to make society help well the

conditions of the less fortunate by reporting about them & later adding pictures by a

fairly new invention called the camera; an object that can take a split second of real life

and hold it for others to observe and witness once the moment is gone. However, Riis

under estimates the power a picture can hold. The message it relays is greatly affected by

the individual who is taking the picture. Whether he did or didn't know that his persona

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