A Journey

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Symbolism is very effective way for an author, like Eudora Welty, to grasp hold of a reader and entice them explore the story further. A symbol for a story could be no more than the story title referring to something deeper within the text. Symbolism can also be used within a story. Welty chose to use the title as a direct relationship with the main theme in her story. "A Worn Path  is referring to the long and hard path taken by the African-American woman during the entirety of the story. Phoenix Jackson was an older lady whose features were well described in the second paragraph of the story; "Her eyes were blue with age. Her skin had a pattern all its own of numberless branching wrinkles and as though a whole little tree stood in the middle of her forehead, but a golden color ran underneath, and the two knobs of her cheeks were illumined by a yellow burning under the dark.  (Welty 87). At the beginning of the story, Phoenix is already on a meticulous journey. We are not revealed where this journey is taking Phoenix until later in the

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