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The Importance of Employability

             The Importance of Employability Skills in the Work Place .
             Having good employability skills is important if your looking to obtain any quality long term job. Employers have certain expectations of you and they will make those expectations clear to you upon employing you. Some of those expectations have to do with the honor system, being responsible for yourself and most importantly , showing up on time.
             Here at Job Corps we learn immediately the expectations that staff has for us. They expect us to be employable, to help us better understand how to be employable they provide us with a list of thirteen employability skills to follow daily. They include the following: dressing appropriately for work, being on time, responding to supervision, following directions, listening effectively, asking for clarifications, explaining procedures, taking initiative, satisfying customers, working in teams, working harmoniously with divers races, sexes, ages, persons with varying abilities, and cultures; troubleshooting and problem solving, accessing and using information in manuals and computers.
             Those are all good skills to have if you plan on keeping a job for an extended period of time. Dressing appropriately for work is always good because you want to give people a good impression and while your working your image reflects your workplace. Employers also appreciate someone who is on time to do their job, it shows them that you have good self responsibility. Following directions isn't always easy to do, but it is something you must do to maintain a good job. If you have trouble understanding the directions given to you, then it would be necessary for you to ask for clarification and listen effectively. That way you are sure to catch on to your responsibilities and your employer will see you as someone who knows what they are doing. Learning to work well with others of diverse races, sexes, ages, persons with varying abilities, and cultures is an essential skill to have in the workplace.

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