Women as inferior to males

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Historically, to what extent were women treated as second-class citizens?

A woman role in society was one no higher then a mistreated creature. Women were treated as inferior to any male, no matter what the situation. Women were not allowed to vote, couldn't own property, they couldn't enter skilled professions, no choice of gaining a high education, and were the property of their "affectionate  husband. They were at the COMPLETE mercy of their husbands or fathers decisions, they were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect.

So how exactly were women treated as second class citizens?

In the past, Women had very few legal rights and most societies perceived women as the lesser gender compared to males. This was because women were seen to be more emotional, and therefore less decisive then males.

Because of the social and political views on women, they generally lived a private life, no active public responsibility, no social status. Upon marriage, the women would be considered to be the property of the husband. The came from the idea of "unito caro  or one flesh, meaning the woman didn't have an identity outside her husband. Since the women were not seen as individuals in

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