Chinese Literature

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Chinese 310 Traditional Chinese Literature Survey

Response Questions for Meeting Two. Fall, 2003 Name: Zhong Xin

I. To the question: "Why do people read literature?  many of you put the key words "education  and "entertainment.  According to the Great Preface to Odes, literature is hardly for fun and not just about knowledge. What function does literature play in a society from the Confucian point of view?

Confucius has a simple moral and political teaching, which is to love others ; to honor one's parents ; to do what is right instead of what is of advantage ; to practice ˜reciprocity,' i.e. ˜ don't do to others what you would not want yourself' ; to rule by moral example instead of by force and violence ; and so on.

Chinese Literature reflects morals, politics, and traditional religions. In addition, literature presents the most ancient literary culture of China. Chinese literature had such a long-lived tradition which played a significent role in the society.

In recent times, of course, Chinese literature looks not only to its own past but also to the global co

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