The Graduate

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Benjamin is a 20-year-old boy who just comes down from university. Considering that fact his parents organise a party for him with their friends. The young man doesn't want to come down to their guests and so his father looks for him, but Ben says his head is full of things and that he wants to go for a walk. When Ben goes downstairs somebody sees him and gives him congratulations. Everybody else follows congratulating and Ben has to have a drink in the living room “ then he rushes back to his room. Suddenly Mrs. Robinson comes into the room pretending to ask for the bath room. She doesn't want to leave Ben's room and finally she asks him to drive her home in his new sports car he got from his dad. Mrs. Robinson tells Ben that she is afraid of being alone in the house. Because of this Ben should wait till Mr. Robinson arrives. First Ben doesn't want to stay, but she persuades him. She offers him a drink and then shows him the portrait of her daughter Elaine in her room. After that she wants to go to bed and asks Ben to open the zip of her dress. First he refuses, but finally he opens it. Ben asks Mrs. Robinson if she wants to seduce him. She says it was a great idea but tha

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