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allowing immigrants to drive

            Thousands of immigrants spread throughout the country live, work, and drive without a license. They work the thankless jobs, pay taxes and are perhaps keeping our economy running. Many drive without license or any proper training. Allowing immigrants to receive a drivers license may be a much safer idea, then to know they are driving untrained. Immigrants have one choice, and its to drive illegally so that many of life’s necessities are done .These are people who came here illegally, but are otherwise honest, hard-working people who want to be part of the American dream therefore passing this bill that gives immigrants a license to drive may be a good idea. .
             Many immigrants drive to work, working in unskilled jobs in the agriculture and service industries and are perhaps a vital part of the California economy. They work, contribute to the economy, but have no right in driving legally, that seem rather hypocritical! It means that society values what they do, but not enough. Work, but don't drive, seems to be the message. How you get to work should be your problem. Not to many people speak up for immigrant workers. Undocumented workers don’t want much from the government, mainly because they don’t have the income. The only thing immigrants want is a job to support families in the US or in many cases to send money back home. Since undocumented workers drive on American roads, it makes perfect sense that they drive legally, for they contribute to out economies and deserve a reward. Besides, most of life’s necessities are done with while driving. .
             Many of the unlicensed immigrants drive regularly out of necessity to work, to .
             doctor's appointments, to pick up their children at school, and to do other family chores. There are thousands of immigrants spread throughout the country, many in which drive. It's sad to think that there are many immigrants who are afraid of taking their child to the hospital, are afraid of driving to work, and are unwilling to buy a good car merely because they are afraid it would be confiscated, that is not right! It’s not a village, you .