Life Without Technology

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If someone told me that I would have to be technology-free for 24 hours I would probably have asked them for a tranquilizer so I could sleep through the horrid day. From the moment my alarm clock goes off in the morning to the time I set it at night I am using some sort of technology. I couldn't even eat lunch at school without the help of those little machines that take our meal plans. Last week I did my best and tried as hard as I could to be free from technology. Obviously, being at college made it impossible but it was a good experience nonetheless.

After my alarm goes off, it's time to take a shower. The lights aren't necessary so I leave them off. I come back from my shower with sopping wet hair and decide to suck it up and leave the blow dryer in the closet. It's Monday so I only have one class, which means I have more time to torture myself. On the way to lunch my roommate and I take the stairs; I live on the 7th floor so we know this won't last long. On my way out I contemplate whether or not the lock on our mailboxes is too technologically advanced for me to use. I decide that it isn't because I am waiting for a letter from my boyfriend. As we walk to lunch I see the blue emergency p

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