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Becker in his essay ˜The Arts and Crafts' has attempted to resolve and discuss, in some respects, the contradictions that developed during the post war era. He tries to define or perhaps realign the contexts in which these ideas are used by analyzing the relationship between arts and crafts through the evolution or perhaps devolution of craft to art and vice-versa; relying particularly on the example of ceramics in the 1960's and 70's.

In the chapter ˜Arts and Crafts' he discusses the relationship between the arts and crafts and the boundaries that divide them or lack thereof: based on his experience in the United States. His biggest downfall to his argument is his lack of examples and references from other sources and mediums.

Becker's approach is fairly objective, giving a viable explanation to the topics approached. He writes that there is no clear and decisive interpretation of definition between arts and crafts and that depending on the contexts it is put into there can be a certain amount of transgression between the two worlds. Becker defines craft as the following, "In the pure folk definition the craft consists of a body of knowledge and skill which can be used to produce use

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