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The best party I have attended

            I have been at many parties, but the best one I have ever attended was my good-bye party in August 1st, before I came back to America; maybe it was because I was the one who planned it.
             I invited all my friends and even though they all did not go, there were around twenty-five of them present. I was so excited to see all my friends congregated just to say bye to me and to wish me a good trip. Friends from high school like Sarina, who got me so surprised because we had around four years since the last time we saw each other, Jesus, one of my new friends I met during my summer trip, Zulbely, the one who helped me to decorate the house, Ana and her new boyfriend, who were really funny in my party, because they danced and kissed the whole night long, and many other friends that gave me a chance to have a great night.
             We played and danced good music from different styles like dance, pop, salsa, meringue, rock, and reggae, all these to please the different preferences of my friends. In addition, dancing was essential in my party, the music did not stop until next day; but also the drinks were necessary. We had a variety of beverages: cocktails, beers, vodka, rum, wine, and rum punch; it was amazing. Everybody was drinking and some of them got drunk, like my friend Ledison, who started dancing with his sweater, or Jonathan, who passed out and stayed on the floor for like 3 hours. We ran out 120 bottles of beer in 2 hours; unbelievable but true.
             I had so many special moments, first I had the opportunity to share a party with all my friends after a wonderful summer; second, during the party my friend Mariana got a new boyfriend called Eduardo, they were dancing together so many songs and then I saw them kissing. Another special moment was when my friends gave me a big card signed by all with thoughts, advices, and memories. I really got so excited that I almost cried. The karaoke was a fabulous time, we sang lots of songs.

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