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Damage to an environment from

Damage to an environment from introduce and exotic species.

The environment is changing every day. Most changes are for the improvement of the environment and to increase the survivability of the species that live within the community. This means that some changes cause harm to in community or individual species that they happen within. We want to demonstrate what happens when plants and animals are brought into an environment they are not accustom to and the problems it causes. In recent history we have had a large problem with this, people have decided to introduce species of animals that are normally not present within there environment for nothing more than their own pleasure. This is a global problem for with the consequences of this were never imagined. We are going to discuss some of the problems and damage this has caused around the world.

Not only does this cause damage environmentally but has caused some species to come to the brink of extinction. This includes plants, mammals, reptiles, fish, microbes and just about any other class, order or phylum you can imagine. Here we will mainly be looking at animals that have been introduced to foreign lands and then what we may be able to do in our own small way to help.

Species are usually introduced by humans for there enjoyment. For example in Australia horses and foxes were brought over so the English men would feel more at home going on fox hunts. Also introduced, were some breeds of dogs such as the dingo, which may have been brought over by sea farers to use as trade and /or food. It seems as world travel increased so have the instances of introduction of exotic species. This may not be true to all plants and animals. Some exotic species may have arrived to foreign lands naturally due to storms such as hurricanes and tornados sweeping them up and carrying them hundreds of miles and dropping them down. Some may have even arrived out of the need of their o

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