Personal Identity

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One of the most deeply contemplated questions that philosophy has asked is where a person's identity comes from. Identity is truly the fundamental quality of a human being. A philosopher can immortalize himself by discovering a solid answer to the question. Many times, hypothetical situations or scenarios (some more realistic then others) are brought up to help prove or disprove a view. In some cases, they serve merely as ˜brain fuel'. They help to promote constructive and profound thinking on the subject. The case of having one's body and brain completely replaced with different materials while maintaining the exact memories brings up some heated issues.

In John Perry's "A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality , Perry uses the characters Miller and Cohen to advance the point that the new being is the same person. They argue by way of the Memory Theory. Let's assume that I am an advocate of the Memory Theory temporarily. If I am ever in the situation described I will take the transporter because I believe that the person who survives will be me. This is true because I will have all of the same memories as I did before. The fact that my me

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