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Summer Vacation

             It was the summer of 2002, and my best friend Candace and I wanted to go on vacation.
             We thought long and hard about where we wanted to go, and finally decided to fly to Florida.
             Candace and I started our planning by searching for hotel rooms in the West Palm area, and
             getting tickets for our flight from the internet.
             We boarded a plane for Florida in Lexington, Kentucky. We had a layover in Detroit,
             Michigan, which I thought was very interesting. We were heading North to go South! I enjoyed
             flying, so I didn't mind. I sat in the window seat so I could watch the beautiful clouds go
             speeding by, as if they were flying saucers. I also enjoyed the many sites you could see on the
             ground, entire fields looked like little puzzles from way up in the airplane.
             Once we arrived in West Palm, we rented a car and started the great search for our hotel.
             It took us about an hour to find the hotel, which was only ten minutes from the airport. We saw
             some beautiful neighborhoods including the Kennedy Mansion. What a gorgeous, huge home. I
             can still picture it today. It was a three-story brick home with white post in the front, surrounded
             The hotel was right around the corner from the circle we had been driving around the
             whole time. We laughed so hard when we finally realized just how close we were to our
             destination. Upon checking into our hotel, we were served champagne. We began to wonder if
             if they thought we were famous. This was my first taste of champagne; it tasted like beer but
             with a very sweet, bubbly taste to it. The fizz in the drink made my nose tingle.
             We loved our hotel room; it was large enough for us to live in! There were two huge
             beds, an entertainment center for the television, and as we walked through the room with the
             beds, we found a jacuzzi inside the bathroom. Once we got settled i

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