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Progressivism Philosophy

Education is an enlightening experience. It allows us share the gift of knowledge and to pass on an understanding of our world. I feel education should be the most hands on experience in a child's life. It needs to be more then books, more then memorization. It is an opening of a student's mind, utilizing the ability of one's intelligence, and a teacher is the key to unlock that. Teachers have the ability to be a guide in a child's life and to help them foster the passion for learning. I believe that throughout the educations courses at Saint Mary's, I have come to the understanding of the importance of teaching. This course has helped me to frame my vision of teaching. I have realized that I want to be the one teacher to help children grow in body, mind, and spirit. As a teacher, I will kindle a child's inquisitiveness and curiosity.

Throughout this past year, I have learned a great deal about diversity in classrooms, classroom management and other helpful information. I believe that one of the most vital pieces of knowledge that I am taking with me from this class is the type of school I would like to teach in. As a class we have reviewed the philosophies of teaching. I have gained a great deal of information on all of the approaches to teaching, and I feel that progressivism is the closest theory to my vision of teaching. Progressivism is the teaching that challenges a student to be the risk taker and allows a child-centered classroom. I feel this is the ideal school to teach in and I want to conduct a classroom in such a manner. This type of educating allows for a student's uniqueness and originality to develop. I see myself in a classroom setting where the student's are constantly asking questions but remain on task. The key to a child centered classroom is allowing the material to relate to a student needs and

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