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Jane Eyre

             Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a novel about an average woman in Victorian England. Jane Eyre, the protagonist of the novel, spends her childhood at Lowood School after which she becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, the main setting of the novel. Jane’s antagonist is the difficulty of life with challenges and problems, including Jane’s aunt and cousins, Bertha and other cold people that make her life miserable. The other major character of the novel is Edward Rochester, a man almost twice Jane’s age that becomes Jane’s true love. For the most part, the mood of the novel is sad and depressing, but at the end it is full of peace and happiness. The novel is written in the first person and lets the reader feel and understand the trials and suffering that the protagonist has to live through to reach the love and happiness. Despite the many obstacles that Jane must face throughout the novel, her story ends in joy and happiness which shows a comedy in the tone. The message of the book is that a pure and enduring love will survive all the obstacles and difficulties of life.
             The major conflict of the novel is person vs. person such as when Jane’s aunt that treated her harshly, locked her up at times. One of the examples of this cruel treatment was when Jane’s cousin, John Reed, grabbed Jane’s book and threw it at her knocking her down and cutting her on the head. Bleeding and full of pain Jane turned to Mrs. Reed who send her to the red room, the room that her uncle died in. Staying in that room for the entire night made Jane terrified and full of hate toward Mrs. Reed. The only family members Jane had at that time weren’t even treating her like a human being. She lived her unhappy childhood wishing for better life.
             The feeling of loneliness ends when Edward Rochester asks Jane to marry him. It seemed like a dream for Jane, that finally someone truly loves her and treats her the way she wants to be treated with respect and admiration.