Why Should We Preserve The Past?

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Forgone generations have asked whether the preservation of the past is worthwhile, and issues relating to this have caused international debate. The term preservation means to retain and maintain objects in their best possible form, to decrease the chance of deterioration. The expression past, refers to archaeological sites from history. Humans must continue preserving and restoring archaeological sites, and grounds for this is the beneficial information it provides, and the money received from tourism. This essay discusses arguments on both sides; why and why not archaeological sites should continue to be preserved.

Archaeological sites offer current generations and particularly future generations with priceless evidence of past societies. One chief concern of archaeologists is to preserve the world ¡ ¦s human cultural and biological heritage for forthcoming generations. While studying archaeological sources, one can grasp so much about social status, daily life and dealings with other nations. This information gives us proof about how people lived in ancient times. Explanations observed from archaeological sources can answer questions on migration and patterns of thought and behaviour. Without the preservation of archaeologic

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