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The Truth on Asian Americans

            Asian Americans are simply immigrants from eastern countries such as China and Japan who have survived generations of prosecution and rejection. Many came to America to escape the harsh world of communism only to go through rejection in the United States. Soon, despite American differences, the number of Asian American immigrants rapidly grew in the United States. In the 1850 census there was a record of 3.5 million Asian Americans in the United States. That made up 1.5 percent of the population at that time. There are so many things to learn about Asian Americans. Great topics ranging from there outstanding yet very complicated languages, to there overwhelming educational achievements. Hopefully this paper will give you a little knowledge about a culture that's not so different.
             Most people think that all of the Asian Americans are from China or Japan. On the contrary, there is a great deal of Asian Americans from other countries in the eastern hemisphere. Asian Americans come from countries such as North and South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Culture is very important to this group of people. Everything from the way they dress to the holidays they practice. Two of the holidays are The New Years Day which is in the middle of summer, and the Buddhist Festival. On these special occasions many will go back home to visit there families. Clothing is a big part of there culture as well. In the past they would wear clothing that told a story of there past. The bright colors and designs they would use would jump out at you demanding attention and respect. The lower class would wear duller clothes that symbolized hard work and times. They would basically wear the same thing to bed that they would wear to work. This all changed when the eastern side of the world embraced western style clothing. Most Asian Americans are dressed in the western style but still proudly wear there traditional clothing as well.