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my favourite cartoon character

Enjoying cartoon is one of mu interests,and Garfield is my favoutite cartoon character.

Garfield is a tubby tabby male cat,very lazy and greed. For example, Garfield loves TV and hates Monday. He'd rather pig out than work out; in fact, his passion for food and sleep is matched only by his aversion to diet and exercise. Moreover, he prefers" lay downs" to sit ups. Snatching a snooze is his speciality. He'd like mornings better if they started later and his viewpoint about diets is that "Diet is "die" with a "t". Garfield also has a sassy brand of humor. He likes to kick off Odie, Garfield's faithful friend and whipping dog. Over the years, Odie has been kicked off the kitchen table about a thousand times. And the postman in the Garfield comic strips is another victim.Mauling him is one of Garfield's pasttimes. Selfishness also belongs to Garfield's character. Whenever he wants to eat, he must eat immediately. This means his owner John has to prepare his food as quickly as possible.

He doesn't care whether John is ready or sleeping.So wakened at night is an everyday occurance for poor John.

Garfield's most popular and funniest cat in the world. Though he is so sassy and sarcastic, I love him all the same. What makes Garfield so lovable? It's simple...people relate to him because he is them."He's a human in a cat suit",as creator Jim Davis likes to say.

The writer Jim Davis once said "we live in times which have the exhausting tempo of city life and sharp competition. It is even criminal for us to indulge ourselves a little. But Garfield says, it doesn't matter if you have a rest.Let's have some dessert. You needn't have high morale today. I think this is the reason that Garfield is popular in all the world. Everybody's heart hide a Garfield ,and he is ready to jump out !"

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