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Being a brother is more than just a title given after paying a bit of money, and sending in an application. Being a brother means sacrifice, selflessness, and a never ending, unconditional love for another individual. This brother does not have to be a man of blood relation, or by marriage or family tie. He could be a brother that is acquired through the ties of a fraternity.

Being a brother is a lifetime obligation, one that is hard to maintain, but harder to forget. When a brother from years and memories past resurfaces in the present, the same feelings of fraternal bond will regenerate themselves in a positive manner. To love another brother, is to feel pain for a brother when he feels heartbreak, and sorrow when he feels sadness. It is also to feel happiness when he is joyful, and to live life through him and in support of him.

Being a brother means trusting your brother, and relying on him to lend a helping hand when he sees you require it, for man sharpens man as iron sharpens iron. He will not allow you to step into the world any less prepared than you are, for all that he knows and owns is yours, and the same of your belongings to him.

Brotherhood is a word of deep meaning to fraternal bonds, for it is the foundation of a great fraternity. Men give themselves to one another to ensure the betterment of them and they're fraternal bonds. This is what being a brother means to me.

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