Media and Democracy

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The media as an educational medium and primary information source to the general citizenry of any nation is the most powerful influence people have in their daily lives. Even in our Canadian democratic system, where out constitution protects the citizens from military and police coercion, there are subversive ways in which the powerful elite in our society are able to further their interests while avoiding dissent.

The question posed in this paper is whether the Canadian media is serving the public as well as it ought to in a democratic society or whether it is instead primarily serving the interests of the elite.

The following includes a list of the tasks as proposed by theorist Jurgen Habermas as a reference to ponder while considering this question. Also included are references to the theories posed by the Frankfurt School and that proposed by Antonio Gramsci, as to the purpose of the media in society.

Habermas suggested that the media in a democratic society should provide for the following:

1. Surveillance of the socio-political environment, reporting developments likely

to impinge, positively or negatively, on the welfare of citizens;

3. Providing a platform for illuminating a

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