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The Adventures of Sherlock Hol

            The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Review.
             So far, ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been an extremely good book. I really like the author’s style of writing. It is very analytical, yet it seems so relaxed, like Sherlock Holmes himself. The one thing that I could be said is that you will always feel sort of dumb at the end of each adventure, because the answer seemed so obvious. Oh well.
             It is amazing that one man could possibly come up with all these plots and characters, such as the League of Red-Headed Gentlemen. How do you make something like that up? Is it possible that he was simply taking down cases that actually happened in his time? Probably not. The book wouldn’t be a classic if the stories had been from case files, and there would be a record.
             ACD became highly observant after attending medical school, where a professor taught him all about observation as a key to diagnosis of illnesses. This was likely the turning point in his life where the Sherlock Holmes novels began to come about, and the mystery novel was written.
             Judging by this book, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an extremely smart and observant man. He has managed to create the first ‘real’ mystery novel based on facts and thoughtful analysis. All in all, I cannot wait to start my second book and see how it measures up to this one.