Great Expectations

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Great Expectations is an exhilarating tale of a passionate, romantic, and somewhat unrealistic person named Pip. When the story starts he is an orphan boy being raised by his sister. He encounters a convict which orders food and a file from him. The Pip and the convict, Abel Magwitch, take a liking to one another, especially when Magwitch protects Pip by saying he (Magwitch) took the food.

Pip is taken by his uncle to Satis house where he meets Estella. Although she treats him coldly and contemptuously he falls in love with her and wants to become a gentleman in the hopes he might be worthy of Estella. Against his dreams he becomes a common laborer working in a blacksmith's forge.

One day Pip learns is informed that a secret benefactor has left him a great fortune, and he must go to London to collect. When he gets to London he starts his education to be a gentleman. He is tutored by Matthew Pocket, his friend ˜s, Herbert, father. Although he is striving to become a gentleman, Herbert and Pip lead an undisciplined life.

Pip soon returns home for a funeral. He learns the who provided him with his fortune, no other than Magwitch. Because Magwitch was moved by the kindness of Pip when he was a boy, he provid

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