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             "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
             Life is a very long journey that you will encounter so many sufferings, joys, and ups and downs. It also molds the attitude of a person for the good. It’s a journey for the development for one’ self. In the end of the path is your success- your goal if you strive for it.
             For me, my life is my greatest possession and so, I must live with it in the best way I can. It’s been an honor for me to have my own life and being proud with it is a job well done for my existence in our world. Being sure of everything I do is a must to accomplish my task in the humanity. I know that I am the person that cannot do so many things at the same time. I am performing my best in all my jobs- school, home, community, church and etc. Though I am slow doing my errands, I believe that I am sure about it for one hundred percent. I admit that it is not necessary to have the best outcome though I give my best because God is the one who is deciding for anyone’s convenience. Despite the fact that God is the one who wants the best for me, I am doing my best just to have a good ending in my last breath. .
             Live as if you were to die tomorrow. I do not know how and when I will past away in the future so, day by day as I live I try to be the best person I could be because I don’t know when will it end. You have to do the best things that can make your neighbors know you as a good person in your community. In my life, I assure all the necessary things should be in their proper condition. I live my life for the best. I give guarantee to anything I am doing as well as it is the best I can do.
             As of now, I haven’t reach the end yet because I am very slow in improvement but for sure I am very careful and very sure of all the things that is happening to me and I know that it is what I wanted to happen though there are some circumstances that God will be control the situation.