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School as a Socializing Agent

Socialization is the process by which we learn the

ways of life and/or the culture of the group. It is

life long and it does not stop at adolescence. There

are many socializing agents, for example, the family,

community, school, media, and peers. The school is

known as a micro system, it is an institution where

learning takes place and individuals develop.

The school provides the intellectual and social

experiences from which individuals develop knowledge,

skills, customs, beliefs, interest, and attitudes that

characterize them and shape their abilities to perform

adult roles. Schools encourage individuals to adapt

to a changing physical and social environment. The

schools foster respect to the existing social order of

society. According to the text, "the purpose of

schooling is (1) academic (reading, writing,

arithmetic), (2) vocational (preparation for world of

work), (3) social and civic (preparation to

participate in a democracy), and (4) personal

(development of individual talent and

self-expression).  The schools function is universal,

The social order of society is communicated to

children primarily in the classroom. Teachers'

comments, report cards, charts, and mark on papers,

classmates' judgments, and self-judgments evaluate

them. Evaluation contributes to socialization in that

the norms and standards of society are learned. The

self-concept emerges from how well the individual

meets the expectations of others. Schools exert

influence on individuals by their educational policies

leading to achievement, by their formal organization

of the introduction of students to authority, and by

the social relationships that evolve in the classroom.

Teachers serve as models for the individuals to

imitate. According to the text, "The most powerful

socializing influence of the school lies in those who

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