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             "Hello," "Howdy," and "Top of the morning to you," is just some of the greetings people receive when meeting others. How much are people more responsive in a gemeinschaft community than a gesellschaft society? If this belief is correct then the people living in Geneva, the gemeinschaft community, will be more likely to say hello or another type of greeting back, rather than in Chicago the gesellschaft society. The researcher lives in a town where he believes that his location is a closer knit community all together. Soon to depart to a larger community of a larger college town He wanted to see if there is a visible difference between simple greeting exchanges by people.
             A specific movie has been noted for a research experiment done like this one. The movie Patch Adams portrays Patch Adams, collecting data on responses to the basic greeting given between two people. Sometimes the response was delayed a minute or two. The reaction was always the same, a hello accompanied along with a smile. No matter where a study is conducted reactions has become the same. The basic greeting is universal no matter where an individual is located.
             The research was done in a simple yet effective manner. The researcher simply walked down the street greeting people he passed by or met with a hello. He then waited for the subject's response to the greeting. This method worked very well. The data was collected in a strait forward manner and the subjects thought that it was just another one of the hundreds of greeting they would make in the day. On Friday the 3rd research was conducted in Geneva on the sidewalks along State Street. The other side of the research was done in Chicago on Michigan Avenue on Saturday the 4th. The simple way that the research was conducted resulted in little to no difficulties. The only difficulty was that of only having one person greeting the subjects. The research would have been conducted in

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