Acompleshments of the Greaks

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The ancient Greeks were an amazing people and had many great accomplishments. They had some of the best soldiers, athletes, architecture, philosophy and arts including drama and poetry. These people were thinkers, poets writers and artists of all types.

One of the greatest accomplishments was that of democracy, everyone was free and had say as long as they followed Greek laws. They created one only governments that was no under rule of a king or governing class at the time. "This allowed them the opportunity to excel in any direction they chose,  according to "Individuality, as the Greeks viewed it, was the basis of their society. The ability to strive for excellence, no matter what the challenge, was what the Athenians so dearly believed in. This strive for excellence was the method from which they achieved such phenomenal accomplishments. These accomplishments astound us to this day. They also believed in the balance of mind and body. Although many of them strove to become soldiers and athletes, others ventured into philosophy, drama, pottery and the arts. 

The second thing that was so amazing was their legal system. According to Britannica En

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