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The River of Life

             Ancient Egypt was a very important land in our history, but more important was the Nile River that ran through it. The Nile today is the longest river stretching over 4,000 miles long. It is fed by both the Blue Nile and the White Nile. Although it has an uncountable number of importances it has three main ones. The first is how it was used for travel. The second is how it was used for different religious purposes. The third is how it was used for the economy and life of ancient Egypt. .
             The Nile is very unique because you can travel both ways on it. You can travel either by taking the current or following the wind upstream. This was very useful to the Egyptians because it allowed them to go to different places and carry all of their goods back and forth. Without out the Nile most of the pyramids and monuments wouldn’t of been possible. They used huge boats to transport enormous amounts of rocks and bricks that make it possible for them to build the monuments. Also it was a very effective way of cultural diffusion. People could transport themselves to places that without the river they would have never been able to go to. It is used today for travel also in different cruises and tours of Egypt. Traveling was extremely important but how it was used in religion is very important it self.
             Egyptian religion was nearly all based on different things in nature. They prayed for the flood seasons so that they could begin the farming of the land. In many cases the Nile was painted in many of the religious arts. It was used most of the time in daily ceremonies and different daily religious activities. The main belief in ancient Egyptian religion was that there was an afterlife and the Nile played a big role in this belief. It symbolized both life and afterlife. The sun rises in the east so this was represented by mostly all of life being on the east bank of the Nile. When the sun sets it goes down in the west.