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            What is strength? Webster defines strength as the "Ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly", or "the capacity or potential for effective action; a show of strength" Also in the bible there are many examples of strength, such as Sampson who was very strong physically or Paul; who proved to be very strong spiritually. No matter how you put it, strength is an excellent character attribute to possess. Many athletes train year-round to increase their physical strength, while other individuals will spend time in the word and gain strength spiritual from God; Often times people practice both. > >Physically it is very exausting to become strong. You have to train day in and day out to see your hard work manifest itsself. Which in the end will make your body more effective, you wont tire as easily, and very importantly you can increase your lifespan by taking care of your body. Millions of people excercise everyday to attain this example of strength. > >Spiritual strength is the more important type to have. Your spiritual strength is going to be the one that will stick with you forever. It builds character, dedication, and love for your heavenly father who created you. This type is absorbed through praying and spending time with God in his word. God tells us we "have not, because we ask not." Strength is the kind of thing that will set a believer apart from a non-believer and is the thing we need to carry out God's plan for us. The thing we need to do most is pray and ask God to strengthen us, and he will. > >In conclusion, Physical and Spiritual strengths are both "must-haves" to help us become a whole person. We need to be strong in both areas to succeed and do what we need to be done. Ultimately it is to carry out God's actions. The physical strength will give us the endurance to not tire day to day and the Spiritual attribute of strength is what causes us not to grow weary in achieving goals set by both us and God.