The importance of ¡§saving face

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In this essay I address the problem of the Chinese Confucian culture being hindered in the places holding the belief of skeptical thinking of our younger generation, Hong Kong being one of them. The main question, arising from this problem, which I address is whether ¡ §saving face ¡ , harmonious relationship, respect for authority, and filial piety are more important than sceptical questioning. My central thesis in addressing this question is that Chinese Confucian culture is more important because it can help our younger generation learn to keep a good relationship with each other. The essay thus aims to encourage people in Hong Kong, younger generation especially, to concern their relatives. The research context of this study is in the domain of relationship enhancement and the youth ¡ ¦s development. I start from the premise that we should teach the younger generation to be considerate and filial, assuming that they are necessary to the prompt the development of the society as a whole. The method I use to achieve these aims is to argue in reasons. I conclude that Chinese Confucian culture is required for the pursuit of good relationships, and the better behalf of our younger generation, such that it is more important

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