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Three types of love, using three types of stories

Love is the strongest feeling there is. Love can't be killed or poisoned or harmed in any way. Love can only be expressed and discovered, and when that happens, all the great things come along with it. There are many types of love and these types of love are not to end and die. The three and the most important types of loves (in my opinion), are family love [storge'], romantic love [eros], and selfless love[agape']. all of these love types are true and to be alive forever until the end of time.

The first is family love, which is the most important type of love. A family is where we learn how to love one another. We experience the most comfortable love in the family. No matter what kind of fights and arguments there is in a family, the love is always on its way to help to heal and to remind them of the special relationship they all have. It is a unbreakable bond and everlasting love that keeps the family together and no matter what happens and how far the family members are from each other, there will be a day that they all reunite and live happily after all. A good example of family love is the story of "Ollantay and Cusicollur . these tow young pe

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