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Taking a stand against PACS

             Due to some of the controversy started about whether political parties or candidates should be allowed to be funded by different Political Action Committees, I have decided to write you stating only the facts and the truth and showing how this position is correct. I am writing you to tell you of why political action committees have the right donate, as little or as much, money to political candidates and parties. .
             The core democratic value of Equality can clearly support this stance. The fundamental belief of Equality; which includes political, legal, social and economic Equality, cannot be denied to the citizen. When a human is born you’re most likely just a John Doe, where you go from there is your hard work, dedication and determination. This political equality provides that every citizen(s) running to become a public official has the same or equal chance as any other citizen. It is other citizens’ choice on whether they support them or not (core democratic value of liberty). Each citizen is equal and has an equal opportunity to vote, run, or support political candidate and parties.
             The average cost of winning a congressional election campaign for the U.S. Senate costs around 4 million dollars. It would be very difficult for a candidate to fund that much money without money from PAC support groups. About a quarter of congressional campaigns expenses can be paid for with the help of PACs. In 1996, it cost $3,800,000 to win a congressional election. Also in 1996, PACs provided 28.6% of the contributions to congressional campaigns. That means that of that $3,800,000 to run a campaign, approximately $1,086,800 of that can be paid for with the help of PACS. With this help it can ensure equality and very helpful funds to move campaigns and funnel money to individuals or parties.
             In the preamble to the constitution it states “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union… secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.