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My results of the statistics that I carried out showed many ideas of the comparisons of boy/girl, yr10/yr11. From the scatter graphs, instantly it was evident that a positive correlation was formed when IQ and KS3 Maths results were the axes on a graph. This shows that as the IQ level increases, the exam mark increases also, and this is what I expected.

This was also shown by the lines of best fit, I plotted these lines through the estimate mean and though the majority of the values plotted, so it was drawn in accordance to the pattern the values produced. However, there were few outlyers, and these were shown by colour shading in which I used on the several graphs. The outlyers in which were above the line of best fit were underachievers and the outlyers below the line of best fit were overachievers. The results appeared as follows:

Yr 10 boys “ under achieving outlyer “ IQ “ 107

KS3 “ 3

This shows a fairly intelligent boy yet achieving very low exam results.

This shows that all the Yr 10 girls were achieving exam results suitable to their IQ level.

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