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Women stereotypes

The problem with using gender stereotypes occurs when we find ourselves making assumptions about members of the opposite sex. Stereotypes have been used in the past, and in the present, to define women and to control them. They limit the possibilities women find for themselves and therefore damage women?s self-esteem. Nearly all the sexual stereotypes of women were formed in the past century. Women were confined to the roles of wife and mother. The truth is that women represent 50 percent of the population, but they are still not quite welcome in the ranks of our highest legislative body. Some people still say that they are only fit for housekeeping and not for the responsibilities of governing a nation. My friend once told me that she?s old-fashioned and believes the guy should always pay for dates. I don?t know she realizes that such an attitude recalls the time when men were the only ones with careers and that?s why they had to pay for dates. Many of the women who believe that "the guy should always pay for dates" will soon enter a work force where they will be greatly disappointed, since women with the same jobs level as men are generally paid less. But how can we expect equal pay if we are not willing to pay equally? Just watch how a woman and man at a car dealership are treated - completely differently. It?s because most men think that women are worse drivers. Another friend of mine thinks that women are always more sensitive than men. When people make such statements about what women and men are better at, without realizing it, that usually means that this statement is very integrated into their thoughts, their way of thinking. The solution lies in changing the way we think, in realizing that there is a problem and that we are all a part of it. It?s very important that we teach the younger generations to avoid such stereotypes. I also believe that adults need to pay more attention what they are saying and how they are behaving.

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