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the modern prometheus

             It started out as a titan with a dream. His dream was to create man… of water and earth. It wasn’t easy, he needed help. Other gods, goddess’, and titans pitched in to bring life and knowledge to the humans. The needed elements and creativity to survive. .
             Prometheus obviously knew a lot of people. He and Zeus (holder of Olympus’s throne) had gone back years. He even helped Zeus triumph over Cronos (Zeus’s father) and his army for the throne. Cronos had been in the same situation with his father aswell. Uranus, the first supreme ruler of them all. It was long and hard but Prometheus got nothing in return, not even so much as a thank you.
             From this you can tell that Zeus wasn’t exactly neighbor of the year. In fact the god of all gods was pretty ill-tempered, but who wouldn’t be being in his position with his past. So evidently Zeus took back the gift of fie which very much so complicated things for the humans. Prometheus wanted to protect his investment so he did what was logical. The titan stole fire from the god of fire; son of Zeus: Hephaistos. Zeus was angered greatly vowed Prometheus to the eternal darkness of Tartar, at type of gods hell… or so they say. There he laid chained to a fork by Hephaistos at the end of the earth. .
             Prometheus had internally acquired an innate trait from the goddess Themis (mother of Prometheus) which allowed him to fore-see the future, to prophesize. And going back to Zeus’s ancestral story, he was now next on the line of becoming overthrown by one of his own. Promeheus, with his fore-seeing visual charms, never gave up hope knowing that someday Zeus would be no more. Zeus had gotten hold of that information and so accordingly sent his son Hermes (whom was the gods of trade and also messenger of the gods) to the poor titan for this prophetical turn up. Certainly the mistreated titan would not let up and sent a message back to Zeus regarding his whole reason for being there: “I will not change my suffering for a slave service to a tyrant!”.