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Holocaust 8th grade

             Because of the Holocaust millions of people have died. The Nazis are respon-sible for World War II. The Nazis also killed over 11 million people including Jews, Gypsies, Russians, Poles, mentally and physically challenged people, the elderly, and homosexuals during World War II.
             Hitler targeted the Jews because he believed that they were responsible for everything bad that happened to Germany. Other reasons to get ride of the Jews were that in 1200 B.C. the Jews of Palestine believed in only one God, making them stand out from the rest of the region. Christia-ns blamed the Jews for Jesus’ crucifixion. When the Jews rejected Martin Luther and said that Jesus was not the savior, Luther felt strongly to get rid of the Jews. Luther’s feelings to exterminate the Jews were later adopted by the Nazis.
             Hatred and power against the Jews came with time. Almost everything against the Jews happened when Hitler became chancellor of Germany.
             On April 7, 1933, German Reichstag passed the first anti-Jewish laws. On September 13, 1935 the Jewish people were stripped from their rights of being citizens of Germany. In 1938 posters were made telling people to not by from Jewish owned stores and cartoon were made showing that Jews were less then humans and should be eliminated from the Earth. .
             Nazi mobs destroyed Jewish shops and synagogues in riots. Later on September 1, 1939 Hitler became futrer of Germany, Hitler commands Germany to invade Poland starting World War II.
             About a month into the war Jews of Poland were ordered into ghettos. Ghettos were fortified buildings where Jews were trapped to die. The Germans made so many people fit in such a little space that diseases spread and people died for sicknesses. There was no form of sewage and almost no running water. Many other people died from starvation or the coldness.
             Labor camps were soon built to force the Jews to work for very little food.
             Concentration camps were built a little bit latter.