Anomie and Alienation

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Alienation for Marx and anomie for Durkheim where metaphors for an extreme attack on the main establishments and values of industrial society. They attacked similar behaviour but from opposing perspectives. For Marx assumed an immanent commencement in the relationship between human beings and society and the value of freedom from constraint; Durkheim a transcendental conception and the value of constraint. Marx was interested in problems of power and change, Durkiem in problems of maintenance and order. Marx's key issue of alienation was class legitimacy of social control, and his key focus was power and social change. The implication of this was the transformation of society whilst Durkheim's key issue was adequacy of social control and the focus was on maintenance of order, this had the implication of moral education for the individual.

Anomie occurs in societies that are disorganized or undergoing change. For example, in the past, religion and family

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