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            Ferrari and jet fighter in speed duel .
             Maranello, 6 November – Roma, 8 December 1931: Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 2300 met a Caproni 100 biplane in a showdown at the Littorio track. Fifty years later, on 22 November 1981, history repeats itself as Gilles Villeneuve and his Ferrari 126 Ck takes on an F104.
             Illustrious names from the past only add to the fascination of the auto-aero battle which will take place once again this year when the best in each category will exploit the most advanced technology. On 11th December, at Baccarini Airport of Grosseto, the jet plane and the Ferrari will line up, guided by two extraordinary figures: Michael Schumacher will be in the seat of the F2003-GA, the single-seater in which he claimed his sixth world crown, and Maurizio Cheli, the astronaut from Modena, in the cockpit .
             This is about a race which will be held at the baccarini airport, the race will be a fighter against the powerful Ferrari cars the Ferrari which is going to be used is the F- 2003 this auto/aero battle or contest is the repetition of history, because fifty years ago there was another contest which was like this one this contest was an Alfa 2300 versus a biplane, in this case the biplane won the contest, but hopefully the technology used in Ferrari’s has improved a lot so lets see who wins.
             This contest is made to see whether the car industry can beat up the air industry, I personally like a lot the way Schumacher drives, but in this case it ain’t just driving, it is a combination of skill with guts, and also you need the hundred percent of the car’s performance. There has always been a “conflict” between cars and planes, although they are different there has always been a struggle, there was another contest between a fighter and a corvette, this means that car industry wants the greatest performance of their cars and one way to test this is to race against something faster so if the car beats the plane, then thay will have to figure out another way to test ‘em .