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purpose of a good education

            Education is one of the most important tools that a society possesses. A good education is one that requires a student to be a strong individual, possess the ability to think for him or herself and have the desire to learn. Education is defined as the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning. Education is the most important thing that an individual can achieve in life. But some may ask what the purpose of education is? The conventional answer may be the acquisition of knowledge, the reading of books and the learning of facts. .
             Firstly the meaningful educational system provides an individual with the means to read, write and communicate. This is fundamental and there can be very little dispute about it. In fact there are many people throughout the Bahamas who cannot read and write that exist at the bottom of the pile. Their opportunities are limited and they are unable to engage with the complexities of modern societies, and they have even less of a chance of providing opportunities and hope for their children. Without the ability to read or write an individual may only get menial paying jobs and will not able to properly provide for their family. The ability to communicate would also allow an individual to receive a higher degree in education which will allow them to receive a better paying job and stability for their family. The ability to read, write and communicate enhances ones possibilities in life considerably.
             The second purpose of learning is to impart to those who learn the ability to quantify things - to understand how to measure and evaluate things for one self in every day life. This is essential because it is a survival for an individual in society. How would an individual be able to function and raise their family if they do not know anything about sizes, quantities, and the cost of basic items? Without the knowledge of quantity how would an individual know the amount of food that their family consumes, or the cost of transportation, and medical insurance? Society uses a vast amount of quantity of resources every day.