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Gay Rights

It has been a long controversial battle, the segregation is unbearable, and the prejudice remarks are so hurtful that people die from the inside out. Homosexuals have been suffering for decades. They have had to sit quiet in the dark and hang out together in hidden places such as bars. In the mid 1940's during World War II, homosexuals were "politically unorganized and legally vulnerable (Jost, p 315). Since then, there have been organizations, movements and rights given to the gay community.

In the 1950's, two main gay organizations led the way to the gay rights movement. The Mattachine Society, founded in Los Angeles, California, gave male homosexuals support and the sense to be proud of who they are. This society also developed in response to the chaos of the McCarthy era. The targets during this era were mostly Homosexuals, African Americans and Jews. McCarthy believed that "they would be too weak of fearful to strike back (Adams, p.804). Four years later in San Francisco, California, the lesbian organization The Daughter of Bilitis began. Both organizations were in favor of reducing discrimination towards homosexuals in employment, armed forces, social and cultural life. Due to the successes of the homosexuality organizations, gays started to speak out with the slogan "Gay is Proud  getting their point across to the nation.

The 1960's brought protests, police raids, harassments in gay bars and political statements tossed around in the crowds. Homosexuals began to appreciate that society was paying more attention to them. In 1969, the Stonewall Inn was the hang out spot for gays. The drinking age was eighteen and it was the most popular gay bar in Greenwich Village. This bar was a "safe haven from the harassments of everyday life  (Button, p.25). Unfortunately, the police took this retreat from them.

The riot of the Stonewall Inn was the defining moment for the gay rights movement. On June 11,1969, in G

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