School Should Start Later

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The fact that school opens so early has caused some major problems among students at middle schools. It is not right that almost all middle school students should arrive at school, yawning and with their eyes drooping. That's how it is with most middle schools. A negative point about an early school starting time is when kids wake up in the morning, they usually haven't had enough sleep. In the morning, teens have to rush and get ready really fast, maybe even miss breakfast just to catch the bus. If they miss it, it always becomes a problem for everybody because most parents have their jobs to go to also in the mornings, so this causes stress for everybody at home. When students come to school all tired and sleepy, they feel that school is something very hard to go to, and it shouldn't be that way. But when kids think this, it leads them to lose interest in school and think that it's the worst part of their week. A later school opening time would eliminate this thought in the students. Early school starting times is also a possible cause for less quality work and grades in the morning periods. Because stress, less interest in school and lower grades are all causes of early school starting times, the easi

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