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Love Story

            ~High School Sweetheart~ / part thirteen.
             Jon flew to Sheridan that morning, but before he left, he begged me to be careful. To keep my eyes, and ears open to everything around me. My heart was racing, beating from the deepest part of my stomach. Screaming at me, "Don't let Jon go to Sheridan!" "Jon", I pleaded, I don't want you to go!" .
             "Lynn, I can't let this go, especially now!" I was tearing up, shaking, "Jon please let it go, I'm so afraid!" .
             "Lynn" he answered, "I love you, but I have to know why Kelli died, I need to know what happened!" .
             Suddenly, I remembered where I was at the moment, and someone may be listening to this conversation. But I couldn't let Jon go without telling him how I felt. "Jon, I love you, and I don't want to lose you!" .
             "I'm so afraid Jon!" .
             I hadn't seen Paul standing against the wall looking at me. I turned with tears blurring my vision, just as Paul slid down the wall slowly. .
             The kids, and I followed the ambulance to the hospital. Paul was in a coma by the time the paramedics arrived. I registered Paul, and the kids were sent to a waiting room. By the time I had finished they had Paul in intensive care. A Dr. Alan Morris came into the waiting room, reached out his hand to me, and introduced himself, asking us to please sit down. .
             He had a serious look on his face, making me fear the worst. He slowly lifted the chart to his lap, and began to explain Paul's condition. "Paul is in a light coma, as I'm sure you already know, this is because he is very, very ill, and his body has shut down in defense." I moved in my chair, nervous, and fearful of what he wasn't saying. "He's running a fever of 103.5, lacking oxygen a bit, causing the bluish tint to his lips, and finger tips, plus he is dehydrating." "Now, we have been treating him with antibiotics already, but now we will introduce them intravenously, and a much stronger dose." "I would however like to do a few more tests on him, just to see what else may be going on with him, one is called a bronchoscope, this would rule out some underlying problems.