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South African War

            Was the South African War, between 1899 and 1902, fought to protect .
             The South African War one of the largest and most taxed colonial war that the British Empire had fought. Lain R Smith feels that this war was fought to:.
             “end the situation of Boer-British rivalry over the Transvaal”.
             and many more historians would agree with him. In 1899, the forces of the Boer Republics, the Orange Free State and the South African Republic, fought against Britain’s control over South Africa. They would not agree with Britain’s ultimatum of the placement and reinforcing of British troops in South Africa. However, much of the useful land on the continent of South Africa was under British control, and the main purposes of this war, argued by Lain R Smith were that imperialistic drive was a major factor in the war. This is what brought the British Empire in direct conflict with the Boers. The Boers were predominantly farmers and herders who had left Cape Colony in order to escape the British control and establish a country under their rule. Also, in Transvaal, gold was found, and created new found wealth, which would also stage the South African war between the British and the Boers. The British learnt of resources they could use in the African area, and so this led to major confrontation of who could control it. In a quest for political power to gain control of wealth in South Africa, the British supported by two local businessmen, Cecil Jon Rhodes and Alfred Beit planned to take over the Transvaal Republic. The Boers felt that the British should not be able to take supremacy in their colonies. However, the British felt that the war would be won easily, and went in with extreme confidence. They were wrong, because they were ignorant of how much the Boers cherished their lands and independence, and they would fight with passion and strength to keep their freedom. Therefore the British had to use extreme measures by destroying anything that they came into contact with, and the Boers finally surrendered and signed a peace treaty.